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iFixit expands Surface repair options with official parts

In a significant development aligning with the growing right-to-repair movement, iFixit has proudly announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. This collaboration aims to provide an assortment of authentic replacement parts for a wide array of Surface devices, all of which are meticulously crafted by Microsoft specifically for repair purposes. With these genuine parts, you can rest assured that compatibility issues will not be a concern.

iFixit’s comprehensive offering includes replacement parts for 13 different Surface models, spanning from the Surface Pro 9 to the Surface Laptop 15. For a complete list of compatible devices and available components, you can explore the dedicated Microsoft Repair Hub. The selection encompasses a variety of parts, ranging from batteries and SSDs to displays and keyboards. As with all iFixit partnerships, you will also gain access to valuable resources, including disassembly videos and step-by-step guides, ensuring that you can carry out repairs without inadvertently rendering your Surface tablet inoperable.

You have the option to acquire each component individually or as part of an inclusive repair kit, encompassing all the necessary tools and accessories for seamless repair tasks. iFixit takes great pride in this collaboration, emphasizing the ease and convenience it brings to the world of device repair. The company encourages customers to envision a world where repairing every device and accessing authentic spare parts is this straightforward. Consequently, handling tasks such as battery or hard drive replacement on your own becomes a far less bothersome alternative compared to the traditional approach of taking your device to a repair center and enduring the waiting game.

In recent times, iFixit has entered into similar agreements with other prominent tech companies, expanding its offerings to encompass replacement parts for Google Pixel tablets and Google Pixel Fold devices. Even accessory manufacturer Logitech has joined this initiative, making repair components available for two of its most popular mouse models.

However, Apple remains a notable exception, as iFixit recently lowered the repairability score for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This reduction is attributed to Apple’s “parts pairing” requirement, which necessitates obtaining replacement components directly from the company and engaging in communication with a company technician before iOS devices will accept individual part replacements.

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