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Keep Track of Your Valuables with Apple’s AirTags 4-Pack for $80

For iPhone users seeking a Bluetooth tracker to monitor their belongings, Apple’s AirTag remains the top choice. Currently, a Apple’s AirTags 4-Pack of these compact devices is available on sale for $80 at Amazon, featuring an on-page coupon. While it may not be the absolute lowest price observed, it stands approximately $10 below the bundle’s average street price in recent months and is $19 less than purchasing directly from Apple. Moreover, this price aligns with what was offered by most retailers during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales last month.

We recommend the AirTag in our Bluetooth trackers guide due to its integration with Apple’s expansive Find My network, providing precise location tracking. Suitable for items like wallets, suitcases, or backpacks, the AirTag, when in proximity to Bluetooth-enabled Apple devices, triggers alerts within the Find My network. This network, comprised of hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices, significantly enhances the chances of accurately pinpointing a lost item.

In addition to this, the AirTag incorporates support for the ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless protocol, facilitating easier location tracking at close distances. When near a misplaced item, the Precision Finding feature engages, displaying an arrow and distance estimate on your iPhone to guide you to the attached AirTag. The tracker itself boasts an IP67 rating, ensuring survival in water, and features a replaceable CR2032 battery, lasting approximately a year before requiring replacement.

It’s essential to note that AirTags are not explicitly designed for recovering stolen items. While they may function for this purpose, if your AirTag is detected in the possession of someone else, they will receive an alert notifying them of this situation. This precautionary feature aims to discourage misuse of AirTags, as reports have highlighted concerns about their potential for stalking. Apple and Google have responded to this issue by implementing updates to address and mitigate such behavior. On a less critical note, it’s worth mentioning that the AirTag lacks a keyring hole or built-in adhesive, necessitating the purchase of an additional accessory for attachment. Nevertheless, when used as intended, a set of AirTags can offer added peace of mind for individuals prone to misplacing belongings, and the current deal makes them more accessible.

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