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Kids Will Soon Be Able to Chat with Alexa Like a Friend


Amazon’s New Kid-Friendly Alexa and Devices: Explore With Alexa, Echo Pop Kids, and Fire Kids Tablets

Amazon announced a number of new kid-friendly Alexa features and devices at its annual hardware event on Wednesday, including:

Explore With Alexa is a new pared-down and kid-friendly version of Alexa that specializes in topics like animals and nature. It can even play trivia games with kids and disperse daily fun facts. Explore With Alexa is designed to be safe and educational for kids, and it will launch at some point before the holidays.

The Echo Pop Kids is a new smart speaker designed for kids. It ships in two SKUs: an Avengers one and a Disney princess one. The Avengers one specializes in conversational tidbits about Earth’s mightiest heroes and the Disney princess model specializes in Mulan, Cinderella, and the like. The Echo Pop Kids ships next month for $50 and includes six free months of Amazon’s Kids+ subscription service. Pre-orders start today.

Amazon also announced two new Fire Kids tablets: the Fire Kids tablet for younger children and the Fire Kids Pro tablet for older kids. These are 10-inch tablets that are 25 percent faster than the previous generation, with 1080p FHD screens, 3GB of RAM, and access to specialized kid-centric apps. Each tablet costs $190 and ships with a year of Amazon’s Kids+ subscription service. You also get a two-year warranty out of the box that covers the kind of accidental mishaps that parents deal with every single day. Pre-orders start today and shipments begin next month.


Both tablets boast access to the company’s Play Together feature that gives kids access to online multiplayer titles, with nearly a dozen forthcoming games, and an app called Music Maker. This experience lets children become “composers, blending instruments and other sound effects together, to create a unique composition with the help of AI, all through touch.”

These new kid-friendly Alexa features and devices are a great way for parents to introduce their children to technology in a safe and fun way. Explore With Alexa can help kids learn about the world around them, while the Echo Pop Kids and Fire Kids tablets can provide them with hours of entertainment and educational content.

In addition to the benefits I mentioned in my previous answer, here are some other ways that parents can use these new kid-friendly Alexa features and devices:

  • Teach kids about the world around them: Explore With Alexa can help kids learn about a variety of topics, including animals, nature, and science. Parents can also use Explore With Alexa to create custom learning experiences for their children.
  • Help kids develop their creativity: The Music Maker app on the Fire Kids tablets can help kids develop their creativity by allowing them to create their own music. Kids can also use the Fire Kids tablets to draw, paint, and create other types of art.
  • Encourage kids to read: The Fire Kids tablets come pre-loaded with a variety of children’s books. Parents can also download additional books from the Amazon Kids+ library.
  • Limit screen time: Parents can use the parental controls on the Echo Pop Kids and Fire Kids devices to limit screen time and set curfews.

Overall, Amazon’s new kid-friendly Alexa features and devices are a valuable tool for parents who want to introduce their children to technology in a safe and educational way.

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