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Level Up Your Smart Home: Google Unveils AI-Generated Script Feature

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Google is introducing new enhancements for Home and Nest, including a feature that simplifies the creation of intricate home automations for users without coding knowledge. The experimental “help me script” feature harnesses the capabilities of generative AI to transform natural language prompts into home automation scripts. Users can effortlessly generate scripts by typing prompts like “when the TV turns on after sunset, dim the living room lights, and close the blinds.”

Accessible within Google Home for the web, “help me script” appears as a panel in the script editor under “+ Add new.” Users can input a prompt, hit enter, and then copy-paste the generated script into the script editor. To activate the automation, they must validate the script to ensure its accuracy and error-free functioning. Although currently a test feature in Public Preview on Google Home for the web for a limited time, the potential security applications, as indicated by Google’s examples like “use lights and TVs to make my house look occupied when I arm the security system” and “send me a notification when the doorbell rings but nobody is home,” are evident.

Alongside the generative AI-powered script generator, Google has revealed upcoming expanded controls for compatible smart home devices from various brands in Home’s Public Preview. Additionally, the home panel, initially a Pixel-exclusive offering quick access to smart home controls on the lock screen, is extending its availability to other Android 14 devices.

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