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LinkedIn adds AI job coach to premium subscription

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LinkedIn is enhancing its premium subscription offering with a new AI-powered benefit: an integrated job coach that leverages AI and LinkedIn data to assist job seekers in their search, research, and application processes. This addition coincides with LinkedIn’s announcement of reaching 1 billion members and its commitment to investing in AI-driven features.

As a Microsoft-owned platform, LinkedIn has been exploring AI enhancements for its premium members, including generative AI tools for profile descriptions and messages to hiring managers. The new AI features are designed to deliver highly personalized support to users.

One prominent feature for job seekers will be the inclusion of AI-generated insights alongside job postings. This tool can effectively summarize lengthy job descriptions and assess job compatibility based on a user’s LinkedIn profile. For instance, it can identify specific work experiences to emphasize in a user’s application and provide suggestions on enhancing their LinkedIn profile to make it more appealing to hiring managers.


LinkedIn’s advantage in providing personalized tips is the vast reservoir of career data at its disposal, making its recommendations more tailored than those of other generative AI services, according to LinkedIn product manager Rohan Rajiv. “This is possible due to generative AI and the datasets that consolidate all of this,” Rajiv told Engadget. “It’s your profile, your connections, and all the elements that can help drive your job search forward.”

While the feature is currently in its early stages and is being launched in beta for a limited group of LinkedIn Premium subscribers, the company has expressed its commitment to making AI an integral part of its service moving forward. In a blog post, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, Tomer Cohen, stated, “Today marks the beginning of a new journey, one where the power of AI is your ally in every career question and decision.”

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