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Meet LG’s Robo-Nanny: AI Pet Sitter Walks, Talks, and Waggles Its Tail

LG Electronics

LG is set to introduce a compact bipedal robot that will be available for purchase, offering the freedom to roam around your house. Premiering at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, this AI-powered robot boasts a diverse range of capabilities. From notifying you about appliances left on while you’re away to keep an eye on your pet during work hours, LG’s robot functions as a versatile smart home companion. Similar to stationary devices like Alexa or Apple HomePod, this robot can provide weather updates and remind you to take medications punctually.

The robot’s functionality is powered by Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 Platform, a blend of hardware and software driving its AI program. Notable features include facial and vocal recognition, emotion processing, and the ability to engage in conversations. LG envisions the robot welcoming you at the door, analyzing your emotions, and playing music to enhance your mood or induce relaxation. Moreover, it can express emotions by altering its posture and utilizing articulated leg joints. While the emotive aspect adds a charming touch, its practical utility might be more about creating approachability rather than offering tangible benefits.

In addition to its dynamic capabilities, the robot is equipped with a facial camera, a speaker, and an array of sensors distributed throughout its structure. This extensive sensor setup empowers the robot to navigate, communicate verbally, and actively listen. Notably, it possesses the capacity to measure indoor air quality and temperature. However, it remains uncertain whether the robot can integrate with a smart home system to control devices like thermostats. LG has yet to respond to inquiries regarding this aspect, and the pricing details for the robot will be disclosed at a later date.

Given its mobility, users can program the robot to attend to tasks such as pet care in their absence and receive smartphone notifications for any detected unusual activities. The robot can function as a mobile “security guard” by using its monitoring tools to send notifications in case of movement within the house during your absence, potentially alerting you about overlooked details like leaving the kitchen lights on.

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