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Microsoft Set to Introduce PC Game Pass to NVIDIA’s GeForce Now on August 24th


Microsoft is set to bolster its gaming prowess by integrating its popular PC Game Pass with NVIDIA’s GeForce Now streaming platform. From August 24th onwards, fans of Game Pass and the Microsoft Store will have the added advantage of streaming select titles on GeForce Now. While the entire Game Pass catalog won’t be immediately available, notable games such as Deathloop and No Man’s Sky will be part of the initial rollout.

This collaboration between Microsoft and NVIDIA is not surprising, given their recent history. Earlier in the year, Microsoft inked a decade-long deal to feature Xbox games on GeForce Now, with Gears 5 marking the inauguration of this partnership in May. Subsequently, Bethesda titles like Doom Eternal and the revamped Wolfenstein series were added to GeForce Now earlier this month, further emphasizing the collaboration’s depth. The introduction of PC Game Pass is a natural progression, extending the available game repertoire for GeForce Now subscribers.

Microsoft’s decision to bring Game Pass to GeForce Now ties in with its larger objective to obtain regulatory green light for its acquisition of gaming giant Activision Blizzard. By showcasing a collaborative spirit in the cloud gaming segment, Microsoft aims to dispel any concerns of monopolistic tendencies. This is further demonstrated by Microsoft’s intent to license Activision Blizzard streaming rights to Ubisoft, ensuring a level playing field in the gaming market.

For gamers, this partnership holds great potential. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, with its emphasis on exceptional visual quality and minimized latency, is a treat for gaming aficionados. With features like 4K streaming at a blistering 120 frames per second under the Ultimate tier, the collaboration promises to elevate the Game Pass experience for users with capable PCs and robust internet connections.

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