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Microsoft Launches Bing Chat for Chrome and Safari on Mobile Devices.

In its continual push to integrate AI across its product line, Microsoft unveiled on Monday that its AI chatbot, Bing Chat, is expanding beyond the confines of the Edge mobile browser and dedicated apps. Now, users of third-party mobile browsers, including Safari and Chrome, can engage with the AI chatbot.

Celebrating half a year since Bing Chat’s public debut, Microsoft highlighted that the AI has engaged in over a billion conversations, crafting three-quarters of a billion images in the process. “Extending Bing’s capabilities to a wider audience, especially through third-party browsers, underscores our commitment to deliver invaluable summarized answers, dynamic image creation, and more,” stated the official release. Nonetheless, exclusive features like extended conversations and chat history are still reserved for the Edge mobile browser.

Bing Chat’s introduction to third-party desktop browsers kicked off in late July. But it’s worth noting that there are certain limitations; for instance, word count per prompt is capped at 2,000 on Chrome and Safari, while Edge users enjoy a 4,000-word limit.

The engine behind Bing Chat is OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, but with a twist. By leveraging Bing Search, Bing Chat can access and provide more current information, even beyond the last training data of ChatGPT-4. The latest Bing Chat iteration introduces multimodal search, enabling users to upload photos for the AI to analyze and answer queries about, and a sleek dark mode for nighttime interactions.

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