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MyFitnessPal update lets users track meals or workouts on Wear OS watches


Keeping tabs on your fitness and health has become more convenient for MyFitnessPal users with Google’s Wear OS. The MyFitnessPal smartwatch app has been instrumental in monitoring health statistics, such as calorie intake and workout progress. While it has proven effective, it had its limitations, notably the inability to directly edit or input data on the wearable device. However, the latest app update brings significant improvements.

In a recent blog post, MyFitnessPal unveiled updates designed to streamline tracking and logging on Wear OS. Now, users can seamlessly track and log their health data without the need to reach for their smartphones. When using compatible Android smartwatches, users gain access to new watch tiles and complications. These features empower users to log their regular food consumption and monitor their daily nutritional intake, including details such as sugar, fiber, fats, calories, and even hydration. Additionally, users can obtain a quick overview of their entire day’s progress right from their wrist.

This enhancement is accessible to users equipped with smartwatches running Wear OS, such as the new Pixel Watch 2. The MyFitnessPal app is readily available for download from the Google Play Store.

While this feature isn’t entirely novel for the MyFitnessPal app on smartwatches – Apple Watch users have enjoyed this functionality for some time – it’s a positive development that users of Wear OS now have an additional means of tracking their health. Monitoring one’s health and well-being is crucial and can sometimes be neglected due to time constraints. Any innovation, whether significant or minor, that simplifies the process of keeping tabs on health statistics is a commendable step forward. Now, if only they could find a way to burn and log calories without the need for exercise.

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