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Netflix to Amplify Gaming Presence with Hit Show Adaptations


Netflix is actively expanding its mobile gaming offerings, with plans to turn more of its popular shows, such as Squid Game and Wednesday, into mobile games, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

While Netflix has ventured into mobile gaming before, it is still navigating its role within the company’s overall business model. Presently, the Netflix app encourages users to download and play games like Exploding Kittens: The Game or Ghost Detective from the app store, providing a platform for gameplay. However, the future vision involves Netflix subscribers being able to play games directly on their smart TVs and computers. The streaming giant’s foray into gaming follows the recent launch of a dedicated controller app for iOS devices, enabling players to use their phones as gamepads in conjunction with a paired TV.

Since its inception, Netflix has refrained from charging for its games or imposing additional fees within its gaming realm. A subscription is the sole requirement to play on your phone. While the potential for a change in this approach remains uncertain, Netflix’s strategic focus on creating games inspired by its popular shows could effectively sustain audience interest, particularly between seasons. The company’s emphasis on “superconsumers” might also lead it towards acquiring a foothold in the gaming industry.

At present, Netflix boasts a collection of over 70 games on its platform, and it has ambitious plans for further expansion by the end of 2023. The company intends to continue licensing games unrelated to its shows, such as Classic Solitaire, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Despite being relatively recent in the mobile gaming arena, Netflix has swiftly established itself as a contender in indie publishing within two years. The company has successfully delivered on its commitment to developing games based on popular shows, exemplified by the recent release of Netflix Stories: Love is Blind, an interactive story derived from the reality television series. This signals Netflix’s readiness to intensify its presence in the gaming landscape.


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