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Pixar’s Fan-Favorite Films Finally Getting Big-Screen Treatment


Amidst the lockdowns prompted by COVID, several major films opted to bypass US theaters entirely, heading straight to streaming services. This list includes Pixar’s Soul, Luca, and Turning Red, all premiering on Disney+. However, in 2024, these animated gems will have their moment on the big screen. Soul is set for a theatrical release on January 12, Turning Red will grace cinemas on February 9, and Luca will make its silver screen debut on March 22.

While it’s been up to three years since these films first emerged, their theatrical releases offer an opportunity to experience them as originally intended. Although they may not dominate the box office charts given their age, these releases can contribute to Disney’s financial performance during a challenging period for the company. With just one Marvel movie, Deadpool 3, scheduled for release next year, the trio of Pixar films can serve as a prelude to the studio’s upcoming feature and potentially help cultivate a cinema-going habit in very young audiences. Brace yourselves as Inside Out 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 14.



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