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Ragnarok’s wrath returns in a free Roguelite expansion for God of War!

Santa Monica Studio/PlayStation Studios

God of War Ragnarok stands as a colossal gaming experience, boasting such expansive content that it essentially harbors an entire secondary game within its depths. However, even this extensive Norse adventure isn’t sufficient for Kratos. Sony unveiled a Valhalla-focused expansion for the 2022 sensation during The Game Awards, and the remarkable part? It’s completely free. Scheduled for release next week on December 12, this expansion will be accessible on both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the base game.

In a parallel move to the No Return mode in the upcoming The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, Sony is embracing the roguelite format for this expansion. The trailer showcases Kratos being forcefully grounded by a wyvern, only to be encouraged by Mimir to persevere, reassuring him that setbacks are an integral part of the journey, urging him to try again.

Each playthrough will present new combinations of enemies and unexpected challenges, as outlined in the PlayStation Blog. Progress is rewarded with resources that can be invested in permanent upgrades. While Kratos’ skill trees from the main game are at your disposal, each run limits you to one shield and one Spartan Rage path. Temporary perks unlock as you advance through each attempt.

For those intimidated by the prospect, there are five difficulty settings to choose from, and a plethora of accessibility options remain available. The expansion delves into a new chapter of Kratos’ story, inviting players to “Embark with Kratos to Valhalla on a deeply personal and reflective journey towards a future he never thought possible,” as described in the YouTube trailer description. While players can enter Valhalla at any point, completing the main game’s story is recommended, as the DLC serves as an epilogue.

Rumors of Santa Monica Studio working on DLC for God of War Ragnarok had circulated for a while, and the fact that it’s offered at no additional cost, and so promptly, serves as a delightful holiday surprise for fans.

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