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Ring Introduces a QR Code-Based Wearable for Locating Lost Pets


Amazon’s Ring, known primarily for its doorbell cameras and home surveillance technology, is expanding its offerings to include our cherished four-legged companions. The newly unveiled Ring Pet Tag is designed to aid in locating lost pets. This tag attaches securely to a pet’s collar and provides access to a wealth of digital information about the animal, should it ever wander away from home.

Here’s how it functions: If you come across a lost pet wearing the Ring Pet Tag, simply flip the tag backward and scan the QR code. This action will reveal information about the pet’s owner, their address, contact number, and relevant health details, such as medication requirements and other important information. You can even initiate direct communication with the owner through the accompanying app. However, it’s important to note that convincing a frightened dog or cat to allow access to the QR code may pose some challenges.

While the technology is intriguing, it’s essential to highlight what the device does not include. It lacks GPS functionality, meaning it cannot provide real-time location tracking for a lost pet. Additionally, there is no built-in camera, a common feature found in some other pet accessories. Essentially, the Ring Pet Tag is a QR code on a tag that consolidates essential information into one convenient location, which might not be feasible with a traditional collar due to space constraints.

What’s appealing is the affordable price point. The Ring Pet Tag is priced at just $10, which is not significantly higher than a standard analog pet tag without a scannable QR code. Preorders are available starting today through Amazon and Ring, with shipments set to commence on October 4th.

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