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Roads Less Lonely: Microsoft Teams Lands on Android Auto After Long Wait!


Microsoft Teams is set to make its debut on Android Auto next month, almost a year after its announcement by Google at I/O 2023, as indicated by information from the Microsoft 365 roadmap outlining upcoming releases.

The app is scheduled to launch in February, although specific details about its functionality are still limited. Microsoft has confirmed that users will be able to “join meetings and make calls” directly from the calendar view. However, there is no information available on whether the app will integrate with messaging features or support other Teams-specific functionalities such as collaborative file and data sharing. Given the nature of driving, it is likely that features requiring attention to work-related files may not be suitable for use while on the road.

The reasons behind the delayed release of Microsoft Teams on Android Auto remain undisclosed by both Microsoft and Google. Interestingly, Google had previously announced the integration of Zoom and Webex for Android Auto at I/O 2023, and these applications were launched on the platform in September of the same year. Android Auto has also expanded its app offerings with additions like The Weather Channel and YouTube, and it features games for passengers or when the vehicle is stationary, including titles like Solitaire and Beach Buggy Racing 2.

Currently integrated into 200 million cars, Android Auto has become a widely adopted platform. The inclusion of Microsoft Teams is seen as a positive addition to the ecosystem. Additionally, Google has noted a surge in the adoption rate of Android Automotive, a distinct and comprehensive infotainment operating system. Car manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Volvo, Polestar, Honda, Renault, and GM have all announced their adoption of Google’s platform, gradually phasing out internal infotainment systems in favor of Android Automotive.

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