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Samsung’s Outdoor Terrace TV of 85 inches is Priced at $20,000.


Samsung has amped up backyard entertainment with the introduction of their Terrace outdoor TV series in 2020. Now, they’re raising the stakes with the launch of an 85-inch Terrace Full Sun model, priced at a hefty $20,000. This TV boasts a Neo QLED display optimized for clear visibility even under direct sunlight, and a special “Direct-Sun Protection” feature ensures the device remains unharmed. Samsung ensures it can withstand up to six hours under 700-watt sunlight and temperatures up to 104°F, although it may adjust its brightness under extreme conditions.

While the heat resistance may sound impressive, considering the record-breaking temperatures in several US cities this year, it might be advisable to be cautious with this luxury investment. The new 85-inch model also comes with an enhanced IP56 rating, offering protection against water and dust. However, caution during extreme weather conditions would be wise.

For those not keen on such a large outdoor display, Samsung offers alternatives. The 65-inch Full Sun Terrace is priced at $6,500 and the 75-inch version at $9,000. Additionally, the Partial Sun Terrace models, ideal for areas with shade, start at $3,000 for the 55-inch variant.

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