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Samsung launches its ‘AI-driven’ culinary recipe app


Samsung unveils its AI-driven ‘Food’ app, offering personalized recipes globally. Building on the database from its acquired app, Whisk, this new platform appears as an evolved version of last year’s Whisk reveal. Given Samsung’s stronghold in the kitchen appliance domain, especially with its smart refrigerators, the introduction of such an app is a fitting move.

Users can explore a plethora of international recipes, bookmark their favorites, and curate weekly meal plans. With an impressive starting count of over 160,000 recipes, Samsung promises to add more. Compatible with both mobile devices and Samsung’s Family Hub smart appliances, the app ensures seamless management of recipes, grocery lists, and more.


Samsung has rolled out its “Food” app, which not only lets users save and organize recipes but also offers a unique AI-driven approach to recipe management. Users can save their favorite recipes, and the app then processes, standardizes, and converts them into organized shopping lists. Moreover, based on the ingredients you have, it suggests recipes tailored for you.

One standout feature is the “personalize recipe” function. Using AI, it can adapt standard recipes to fit different dietary requirements, like vegan or vegetarian diets. Intriguingly, it can even produce fusion recipes, allowing users to enjoy a unique blend of cuisines, like a Korean twist on an Italian classic. Cook times and skill levels can also be adjusted based on user preferences.

The app isn’t just a recipe repository; it’s a comprehensive meal planner. It crafts personalized daily meal plans by analyzing your diet preferences and favorite cuisines. Detailed nutritional information for each ingredient is accessible, aiding health-conscious users. For convenience, users can directly add items to shopping lists, which can be forwarded to a retailer’s online checkout platform.

For those with connected Samsung smart appliances, the app offers an integrated cooking experience. It can relay cook settings, preheat ovens, and even provide guided cooking steps.

While the market has several recipe apps, Samsung’s extensive smart appliance consumer base might give it a competitive advantage. The company has grand plans for the app, aiming to attract a million users globally. Upcoming features include a sync with Samsung Health to monitor metrics like BMI and daily calorie intake and provide diet suggestions. By 2024, Samsung aims to integrate AI vision technology, enabling the app to identify foods through camera scans and furnish nutritional details.

Samsung’s Food app is currently available for Android and iOS users.

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