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Sony ANC headphones: Save up to 53% in Amazon’s early Black Friday sale!


Amazon’s early Black Friday sales are featuring discounts on a variety of Sony audio devices, encompassing headphones, earbuds, and more. Among these deals is the Sony WH-CH720N headset, currently available at its most attractive price on the website. Priced at $98, it represents a 35 percent reduction from its original list price of $150. These noise-canceling wireless headphones boast a lightweight over-ear design with generous ear space for maximum comfort. They provide the option to completely block out external noise for immersive listening, or you can activate their Adjustable Ambient Sound mode, which offers 20 levels for situational awareness.

The WH-CH720N can effortlessly connect with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and switching between them is as simple as pressing a button. Furthermore, it supports both Alexa and Google’s voice assistants and can last up to 35 hours on a single charge.

For even more substantial savings, the Sony WH-XB910N wireless headphones are a standout deal. These headphones have the capability to enhance low-frequency sounds, delivering extra bass through a “dedicated bass duct on the headphone housing” and improved airtightness between the driver units and eardrums. They utilize dual noise-canceling technology to effectively eliminate ambient noise. Similar to the WH-CH720N, these headphones also offer the convenience of switching between two connected Bluetooth devices. You can acquire the Sony WH-XB910N headphones for $118, marking a 53 percent reduction from their original price, although not a record low.

If earbuds are more to your liking, Sony LinkBuds S with noise-canceling features are available at a discounted price of $128, a 36 percent reduction. Alternatively, if you prefer earbuds that allow ambient sounds in, the Sony LinkBuds with an open-ring design are now priced at $128, which is 29 percent less than their original list price. Finally, if you have your eyes set on subwoofers and sound bars, Amazon’s sale also features deals on those products in preparation for the upcoming holiday season.

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