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Samsung Health’s New Feature Helps You Stay Medically Compliant


Samsung has introduced a new medication tracking feature to its Health app, set to launch in the US with the app’s upcoming update for Medical Compliance. This feature allows users to set up alerts for medication intake and receive reminders for prescription refills. When users enter a new medication into the app, they can input details such as the pill’s shape and color, prescribed dosage, and scheduled intake time.

Samsung’s foray into the healthcare technology space is marked by its robust medication tracking tool, a feature that not only empowers users to manage their health more effectively but also positions Samsung as a key player in the increasingly competitive landscape of digital health services. This tool serves as a comprehensive resource, furnishing users with a detailed overview of a drug’s usage, potential side effects, and important warnings regarding contraindications, thus facilitating informed decision-making about their healthcare.

To use the new medication tracking featureis for medical compliance, users will need a smartphone with at least Android 8.0, and their Samsung Health app should be updated to version 6.26 or later. Availability may vary by device. This addition enhances Samsung’s Health app, providing users with a comprehensive tool to manage and track their medication intake, fostering better health management.

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