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The $1,900 Tesla Cyberquad is now available again with enhanced safety features.

Radio Flyer / Tesla

The Tesla Cyberquad for kids, crafted by Radio Flyer, is once again available for purchase. Originally launched in 2021, this child-friendly ride, featuring Cybertruck aesthetics, faced a recall for not meeting Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards. The newly released version, priced at $1,900, is stated by Radio Flyer to comply with all CPSC requirements and is set to commence shipping later this month.

Robert Pasin, CEO of Radio Flyer, expressed enthusiasm about the official relaunch, emphasizing the company’s efforts over the past two years to enhance the Cyberquad for Kids. The updated model, designated as Model 915, replaces the recalled Model 914 which quickly sold out almost two years ago. The previous model faced scrutiny from the CPSC, which asserted that Model 914 violated ATV federal safety standards for youths, citing issues such as an insufficient mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure. The CPSC reported that around 5,000 units of the older model were sold before its withdrawal.

Safety enhancements in Model 915 include the replacement of the rear spring with a steel tube featuring rubber-coated metal inserts securing the rear frame to the main frame. The age range has been updated to encompass nine to 12 years old. Additionally, the model includes a tire inflation warning label and a revised warning stating that it is not an ATV and is not intended for off-road use.

Radio Flyer / Tesla

The vehicle retains a 500-watt motor with a maximum speed of 10 mph. It boasts an estimated range of 15 miles and features an LED headlight and taillight that mirrors the design of the Cybertruck. This ride-on toy is constructed with a steel frame, high-pressure rubber air tires, and is powered by a 36V Radio Flyer battery. Radio Flyer claims that this battery provides optimal performance with minimal environmental impact, offering the longest run time and fastest recharge time compared to other products in the market.

Tesla’s involvement, as outlined by Radio Flyer, is primarily related to sales and the vehicle’s appearance. The updated Cyberquad for Kids is exclusively available on Tesla’s website, alongside other offerings such as Model S for Kids and My First Model Y. The Cyberquad ride-on toy is currently priced at $1,900, with orders set to commence shipping in late November.

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