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The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered’s “No Return” Mode: Who Can You Play As?

Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is enhancing The Last Of Us Part 2 beyond a mere graphical upgrade in its PS5 remaster. The upcoming release introduces a new playable mode named Lost Levels, showcasing segments omitted from the original game’s final version. Additionally, a novel mode called No Return is included, presenting a roguelike survival experience. Sony has released a trailer divulging more information about this mode.

In this solo gameplay mode, the primary objective is to endure for as long as possible. Players must remain vigilant, navigating randomized encounters with adversaries that also feature challenging boss battles. Survival is further complicated by unique gameplay modifiers, such as enemies igniting upon impact or the application of visual effects. It is advisable to avoid the trailer if you have not yet completed the main game, as it reveals some formidable enemies encountered throughout the narrative.

In No Return, players have the opportunity to control Ellie, Joel, and Abby. In addition to these main characters, players can also embody previously unavailable unlockable characters, including Dina, Jesse, Tommy, Lev, Yara, Mel, and Manny, as revealed in the trailer. Each character possesses distinctive traits that cater to various playstyles. For example, selecting Yara results in her brother Lev providing combat assistance, introducing the potential for a compelling co-op experience in No Return. Dina, on the other hand, gains the ability to craft trap mines and stun bombs.

Progressing through No Return unlocks additional characters, skins, weapons, weapon upgrades, and levels. Despite the apparent juxtaposition of introducing an infinitely replayable survival mode to a game centered on ending the perpetual cycle of violence, The Last Of Us Part 2’s exceptional combat mechanics take the spotlight in No Return. This mode allows players to fully appreciate the combat system without the need for constant stealth considerations.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered is set to launch on PS5 on January 19. Owners of the original PS4 version of TLOU 2 can upgrade for $10.

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