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Touching Tunes: Our Hands-on with the Samsung Music Frame

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

Samsung’s Music Frame (HW-LS60D) is a new audio accessory designed to complement The Frame TV, a key component of the company’s home entertainment lineup. Unlike the TV, Music Frame is a wireless speaker that serves a dual purpose as both an audio device and a showcase for art and photos. It features a frame where users can manually swap out printed photos or art, mimicking the appearance of a picture frame.

Inside the Music Frame are two woofers, two tweeters, and two mid-range drivers, offering a capable audio array capable of Dolby Atmos sound. Leveraging Samsung’s SpaceFit technology, the speaker is calibrated to the room for an optimal audio experience. Samsung emphasizes the “wide radial sound range” of the Music Frame, ensuring high-quality audio from any position around it. The two rear-firing woofers and four front-firing drivers contribute to clear and natural sound.

Moreover, the Music Frame is compatible with Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology, which utilizes TV speakers along with additional home theater audio gear to enhance overall sound quality. This accessory aligns with Samsung’s commitment to merging functionality with aesthetics, offering a piece of home theater gear with the appearance of a stylish picture frame.

The Music Frame (HW-LS60D) from Samsung offers versatile usage options, serving as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker, or as part of a home theater setup alongside a Samsung TV or soundbar. It can be utilized in various configurations, such as a stereo pair on either side of a Frame TV, as rear speakers, or even as a subwoofer. The device is designed for both wall mounting and tabletop placement with its built-in stand.

Samsung has integrated a full IoT (Internet of Things) hub into the Music Frame, enhancing its connectivity capabilities. Additionally, the speaker is voice-enabled, allowing users to control music and other functions through their preferred virtual assistant.

During a demonstration at Samsung’s CES first look event, the Music Frame impressed with its robust and clear overall sound quality. Highs and mids were adequately represented with great detail, while the bass was noted to be more restrained, though this observation was made in a noisy demo area. A full review would provide a more comprehensive evaluation, especially regarding the low-end tones. Unfortunately, there is no information on pricing or availability yet, as these details are typically revealed closer to the product’s shipping date after its January unveiling at CES.


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