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Uber Enforces Ratings Guidelines to Foster a Positive and Trustworthy Experience

Callaghan O'Hare / Reuters

Uber drivers and riders are required to maintain high ratings on the app, but some individuals with malicious intent can unfairly impact these scores. To address this issue and enhance fairness and safety for users, Uber has implemented new systems. These systems aim to identify users who make complaints solely to obtain a refund or other concessions. Uber clarifies that allegations from these flagged users will not affect a driver’s rating or contribute to decisions regarding account deactivation. This initiative builds upon a policy established in 2017, wherein low ratings for factors beyond a driver’s or courier’s control, such as heavy traffic, are disregarded.

In addition, Uber is introducing transparency measures for drivers and couriers regarding account deactivation. Those affected will receive clearer information about why their account was deactivated and have the opportunity to request a review. They can provide additional details, such as video or audio recordings, to support their case. Furthermore, drivers accused of operating under the influence of drugs in the US will have the option to take a test, with Uber covering the associated costs.

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance safety, Uber is expanding its Record My Ride feature to more US cities. This allows drivers to use their iPhone’s front-facing camera to capture video of their trips, enhancing accountability. Uber is also set to significantly expand the verification of rider identities by 2024, comparing rider account details against trusted data sources or ID documents. This information will be shared with drivers, providing them with greater confidence before accepting a trip.

Additional updates include the integration of Android Auto into the Uber Driver app for larger screens and the ability for drivers to share real-time traffic and route information. Uber’s suggested routes will now automatically consider information on roadworks, crashes, and lane closures from TomTom. Couriers will benefit from features like checking for free parking near their destination and accessing more information about their drop-off point, including photos of the building or door.

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