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Vision Pro In-Store Demo Expect Personalized Fitting & Time Commitment


As the launch day for Apple’s Vision Pro headset approaches, the opportunity to experience it in-store is on the horizon. However, the process for trying out the device may not be swift and straightforward. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the Power On newsletter, customers interested in a demo will undergo face scans, the assembly of a custom Vision Pro, a walkthrough of the interface and controls, and device calibration—all preceding a 25-minute demonstration of the Vision Pro experience.

Ensuring a perfect fit on the wearer’s face is a priority for the Vision Pro, with multiple sizing options for the light seal, foam cushion, and band. Apple is not opting for a one-size-fits-all approach for in-store demos, as each customer’s facial structure and preferences vary. Besides face scans, employees will use a device to scan customers’ glasses to determine the right prescription for Vision Pro lenses. Gurman notes that each store will have an ample supply of lenses for demos, and the demonstration process will involve a collaborative effort, with one employee on the floor collecting details from customers while another handles assembly in the back.

For those eager to try out the Vision Pro, some stores will have at least a dozen headsets available for demonstrations. According to Gurman, during the actual demo, users will be presented with a series of normal, panorama, and “spatial” photos, spatial videos, immersive experiences, including scenarios that simulate being on a tightrope, and a preview of using the Vision Pro as a computer. Signups for demos are scheduled to begin at 8 AM local time on February 2.

If you simply walk into a store to purchase the Vision Pro, the process is expected to be more straightforward. After undergoing the required face scans (a step also necessary for online orders), all the necessary components will be promptly boxed up for you on the spot. Additionally, there will be multiple display-only units in each store for those who just want to take a look without undergoing a full demo.

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