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Xbox Series S/X Expansion Cards Drop to All-Time Low in Amazon Black Friday Deal

Prepare for the surplus of Xbox games you’ll acquire during Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season by ensuring you have ample storage. Take advantage of great deals on SSDs, including the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X and Series S, currently at its lowest-ever price. The 1TB model is now priced at $130, reduced from $220, marking a 41 percent discount. For those requiring more extensive storage, the 2TB version is available at an 18 percent discount, now priced at $230 instead of $280. If Seagate isn’t your preferred brand, consider Western Digital’s 1TB C50 Storage Expansion Card for Xbox, which is now offered at $125, down from $150, representing a 17 percent discount.

In an ideal scenario, our gaming consoles would boast limitless gigabytes of storage for games (and perhaps be more affordable). However, the 1TB Seagate and Western Digital storage expansion cards effectively double the storage capacity of the Xbox Series X, considering that some of the initial storage is allocated for the operating system.

The Seagate and Western Digital expansion cards share similar functionality. Notably, Seagate’s card connects via USB, while Western Digital’s card directly integrates into the Xbox’s expansion slot. Generally, Western Digital offers a more economical option, priced $70 lower. Still, with only a $5 difference, the choice ultimately depends on personal preference. It’s worth noting that Seagate exclusively provides the 2TB option, simplifying the decision if that’s your desired capacity. With plenty of gameplay on the horizon, it’s advisable not to linger too long in making your decision.

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