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Your 2023 Switch Adventures Await! Dive into Nintendo’s Year-End Recap Now!


Discover the extent of your gaming adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, Pikmin 4, and Suika Game on your Nintendo Switch for the current year. Following the footsteps of Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has introduced its own year-in-review tool.

Simply log in to the web app using your Nintendo account, and you’ll be greeted with the first game you played on your Switch in the current year. Scroll down to explore the variety of games you’ve experienced on the console during the past year and unveil the total playtime accumulated in your most recent orbit around the sun.

In addition to detailing your most frequently played games this year, Nintendo will unveil your gaming patterns, presenting a chart that categorizes your Switch gaming time by genre. Nintendo takes these insights, along with information about your most active months in terms of playtime, and compiles them into easily shareable cards.

While Nintendo’s year-in-review app may seem relatively straightforward compared to the offerings from Sony and Microsoft this year, it still serves as an enjoyable tool to reflect on your gaming journey throughout the year. And remember, it’s okay not to dwell on what else you could have done with the time spent playing games; prioritizing self-care is crucial.

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