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YouTube Tailors Channel Pages with Personalized “For You” Sections

YouTube / Creator Insider

YouTube is introducing a new section called For You to creator channels, reminiscent of TikTok’s format. This personalized feature tailors content recommendations based on each viewer’s watch history. The company’s support account on X announced the upcoming feature, scheduled to launch on November 20.

Creators can get ready for the For You section by confirming their preferences ahead of the release date. In YouTube Studio, they can navigate to Customization > Layout to access settings related to the For You section. Here, creators can toggle the feature’s availability and customize settings, including options for full-length videos, shorts, and livestreams within the feature.

The feature had been hinted at earlier in a video shared on the Creator Insider channel in May, where YouTube employees engage in direct conversations with YouTubers. Product manager Ann Katrin Kuessner positioned the feature as a dynamic alternative to the static home page. She pointed out the challenge creators face with a one-size-fits-all configuration on the channel page, emphasizing that the personalized nature of the feature would be particularly beneficial for channels with diverse topics, languages, or content formats.

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