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Compose Catchy Tunes in seconds with AI-powered Microsoft Copilot


Microsoft Copilot has recently introduced a new feature in collaboration with the AI-based music creation platform Suno. This innovative addition allows users to generate personalized songs through text prompts, offering a creative outlet for individuals, irrespective of their musical expertise. Suno, known for its dedication to developing AI algorithms for crafting complete songs, appears to have achieved remarkable success in this endeavor.

When utilizing this tool, simply input a prompt, and the algorithm takes care of the rest, generating “fun, clever, and personalized” songs complete with lyrics and singing voices. Whether you prefer a song with vocals or an instrumental tune, the tool caters to various preferences. While AI has increasingly played a role in music creation for musicians, this tool by Microsoft is designed primarily for non-musicians seeking to compose a tune for occasions such as a birthday email.

Microsoft provides prompt examples like “create a pop song about adventures with your family” and “make a song that captures the spirit of growing up.” It’s worth noting that the Suno add-on may access any personal data accumulated by Copilot during use, potentially resulting in songs that are quite specific.

The feature’s rollout begins today, but it follows a tiered release, meaning it may take a few weeks before reaching your update box. In the meantime, users can explore the myriad other functionalities offered by Copilot.

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