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Creators can now hit the brakes on video comments.


Comment sections serve as a space for both community engagement and potential conflicts, with the rapidity of responses posing a moderation challenge. YouTube is striving to strike a balance and has introduced additional comment controls for creators, with a notable feature being the ability to pause comments. After testing the feature, the company is now making it available to all users.

The pause option enables existing comments to remain visible while preventing new submissions from other accounts. In contrast to previous options where creators could either disable comments or review them individually before posting, the pause setting halts any incoming remarks altogether. This eliminates the risk of a buildup of comments and shields creators from encountering negative or inappropriate remarks. Essentially, creators can now allocate time to other pursuits, such as video creation or activities beyond YouTube, without the pressure of responding to viewers’ comments in real-time.

YouTube has not only introduced the pause feature but has also revamped and renamed some of the comment settings. Creators now encounter three choices under the comments setting: On, Pause, and Off. When comments are enabled, creators have access to more specific moderation options. The Basic option holds comments that might be deemed inappropriate for review, while the Strict setting widens the scope, requiring a review of a broader range of comments before they are posted. The Hold All option provides creators with the ability to review and approve every comment before it becomes public. Additionally, creators can opt to have comments turned on without employing any of these additional filters.

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