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Google Chat Enhances Integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams


Google has recently been in the spotlight with numerous announcements for its cloud-based apps, particularly emphasizing the integration with Duet AI. Among these updates, Google Chat stands out with some exciting features on the horizon.

Coming to the forefront is a beta feature available on various Workspace plans that promises messaging compatibility between Google Chat, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. This interoperability, expected to be fully operational by early next year, stems from Google’s collaboration with a firm named Mio. Google envisions this as a boon for entities that operate across diverse communication platforms.

Google pointed out in its announcement, “We recognize that interactions and teamwork span across multiple channels and tools. This can result in overlooked messages, segmented communication, and the inconvenience of juggling multiple chat apps.” To leverage this feature, organizations will need to possess Mio licenses. A GIF shared by Google indicates that any edits made to a message in one integrated app will reflect in the others.

On another note, as highlighted by 9to5 Google, a voice messages feature is set to enrich Google Chat. As Google explains, this will save users from typing and let recipients grasp the message’s tone and context. Slated for an early 2024 release, it remains ambiguous if this function will extend to group chats and one-on-one direct messages, or if it will feature immediate transcription support.

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