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Google Simplifies the Start of Smart Home Automation for Users

Since unveiling its revamped Home app in May, Google has taken significant strides to deepen its footprint in the automation sphere. Following the launch of a novel script editor and integration with Nest Cam Indoor, Google has now expanded its offering by introducing 18 fresh routines for Google Home enthusiasts – a balanced mix of starters and actions.

Starters function as triggers based on one device’s response to another. For instance, if a window is opened, the thermostat can be set to turn off automatically. Likewise, pausing your show can dim the lights and ignite the fireplace. In contrast, actions are designed to react to human interactions. New additions to this category include lights gradually illuminating once you’ve silenced your alarm or the vacuum halting when your doorbell sounds. For a comprehensive rundown of these new routines, Google’s Nest Community blog offers detailed insights.

To explore and manage both new and existing routines, users can simply navigate to the Routines icon in the Google Home app. They can then categorize the routine as either personal or household-related, assign a name to it, and subsequently, activate it with a voice command to any Google device.

Furthermore, Google has enriched its script editor public preview with its maiden batch of features. A standout is the ability to use cameras as a starter – a setting that, for instance, could cue relaxing music when a pet is detected or switch on the lights when a family member arrives. Users are also empowered to temporarily mute certain starters if deemed unnecessary. In addition, the feature allows for personalized notifications, such as receiving a text message when a family member returns home or a reminder about an active household appliance.

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