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Google Ensures Complete End-to-End Encryption for Group RCS Chats

Google Completes Rollout of End-to-End Encryption for Group RCS Chats on Android and Wear OS

Continuing its push for enhanced security, Google has now extended end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to all group conversations within its Android and Wear OS Messages application that utilize the RCS feature. This security measure ensures that only the individuals in the chat can access and read the messages, reducing potential external threats. But users should still exercise caution as the encryption doesn’t prevent screenshots or the potential for someone to physically view the content on someone else’s device.

For those unfamiliar, RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is set to be the default for both new and returning users unless they’ve manually disabled this feature in their settings. With individual chats already benefiting from E2EE, this expansion into group chats is a logical and reassuring progression.

However, there’s a catch when it comes to cross-platform messaging between Android and iOS. Apple remains committed to its proprietary iMessage system for secure messaging, which means that truly encrypted messaging across both platforms might require a universal solution or third-party applications like Signal.

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