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Jam Out with Fellow Musicians on Endlesss Clubs


Collaborating on music with distant friends and colleagues can be challenging, but there’s hope for a smoother experience. Endlesss, a remote music creation platform, is introducing a feature called Clubs that aims to facilitate the sharing and blending of musical ideas. The newly launched tool bears a resemblance to Discord, a comparison explicitly acknowledged by Endlesss in its promotional materials.

Endlesss Clubs serve as live chat channels where members can contribute riffs, offer comments, merge parts, and exchange files. Similar to Discord, users can be part of multiple Clubs, each hosting different channels tailored to the creative preferences of its members.

The introduction of Endlesss Clubs, initially announced in August, addresses the founder and CEO Tim Exile’s concerns about musicians vying for attention on the same distribution platforms. Exile expressed excitement about creating community-owned spaces for musicians of all levels to engage deeply with their fellow creators.

Endlesss made its debut at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, offering a platform for musicians to collaborate remotely. Initially exclusive to iOS, Endlesss expanded its reach by introducing Endlesss Studio for desktops towards the end of 2020. While our initial tests revealed some issues, it appears that many of these have been resolved in the years that followed.

Endlesss is accessible for free testing, and for $10 per month, users can enjoy unlimited sample packs, sample presets, VST/AU plugin presets, and high-quality audio. Additionally, members now have the opportunity to explore and engage in Endlesss Clubs.

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