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Microsoft Copilot Expands Reach: AI Assistant Set for Windows 10 Rollout


Allegedly, Microsoft is considering expanding Copilot, its generative AI-powered personal assistant, to late adopters by introducing it to Windows 10. According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, the Copilot button and sidebar from Windows 11 are expected to arrive in Windows 10 soon. The AI assistant officially launched in September after a beta release in August for Windows 11.

Bowden reports that Windows 10 Copilot will feature plugins that function across both operating systems, ensuring a consistent experience. The compatibility is expected to include similar capabilities and experiences for both versions of the OS, with plugin compatibility extending across both. This move could significantly increase Copilot’s user base, as Windows 10 is still active on approximately one billion monthly devices, compared to Windows 11’s 400 million monthly active devices.

The expansion to Windows 10 is seen as a strategy to encourage developers to create Copilot plugins. Bowden suggests that Microsoft will find it easier to persuade developers to build plugins when Copilot is available on 1.4 billion devices, as opposed to the 400 million devices running Windows 11.

Engadget reached out to Microsoft for comment, but no response was received at the time of reporting. Bowden’s report also notes that Microsoft is reconsidering its approach of swiftly moving on from Windows 10. The company is reportedly planning to introduce “select new features and services” that were initially exclusive to Windows 11 to the older OS. While Windows 10 support is scheduled to expire in October 2025, there are ongoing internal discussions about the possibility of extending it.

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