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Music in the Air: Dubreq’s $110 Theremin Turns Your Movements into Melodies

The theremin, known for its uniqueness and difficulty to master, is gaining accessibility through Dubreq’s latest creation—the Stylophone Theremin. This synthesizer is designed to provide a user-friendly entry point for those intrigued by the theremin experience. Priced at around Dubreq’s 110 Theremin, the Stylophone Theremin is a budget-friendly option compared to traditional theremins. Like the classic contactless instrument, it features an antenna that responds to movement, allowing users to create experimental sounds.

Dubreq’s 110 Theremin has initiated pre-order signups for the Stylophone Theremin on its website, making it an exciting prospect for individuals looking to explore the world of theremin music without the usual complexity and high costs associated with the instrument. With its cool and innovative design, this synthesizer offers a captivating starting point for those interested in the theremin experience.

The Stylophone Theremin distinguishes itself as a synth that incorporates elements of the traditional theremin design. Unlike a standard theremin, this synth features a single antenna designed for controlling pitch, as opposed to the typical two antennas—one for pitch and one for volume control. With a focus on simplicity, the Stylophone Theremin is battery-powered and portable, catering to users who seek a convenient and accessible musical experience.

Equipped with a built-in speaker and a headphone/amp out option, this synth offers flexibility for both private and public use. While the exact release date is yet to be disclosed, interested individuals can secure their place by signing up for pre-orders. Those who register will receive a link when the pre-order phase goes live, providing them an opportunity to be among the first to explore the unique sounds and features of the Stylophone Theremin.


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