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Meet Ballie 2.0: Samsung’s Rolling Projector Pet Steals the Show at CES!

Samsung (Screenshot)

At CES 2024, Samsung showcased its robot named Ballie, which comes equipped with a built-in projector. Interestingly, Samsung has announced that Ballie will be available for sale within the year. Ballie was first introduced in 2020 as a household assistant and potential fitness companion, featuring skills like opening smart curtains, turning on the TV, and the ability to call for help if it detects a person has fallen and not gotten up.

Over the years, Ballie has evolved, and the latest version is described as “bowling-ball-size.” It incorporates a spatial LiDAR sensor and a 1080p projector with two lenses, enabling the robot to display movies, video calls, and greetings on surrounding surfaces. In a demonstration, Ballie greeted a user returning home by projecting the word “Welcome” and displayed various content, including a conference call, workout video, and the contents of a nearby PC, acting like a secondary screen. The robot even projected a video of greenery on the floor for a golden retriever in a charming scene.

Samsung demonstrated users controlling Ballie through voice commands and text messages during its CES 2024 presentation. The robot, equipped with a spatial LiDAR sensor and a 1080p projector, responded to commands and provided visual feedback by sending clips of its surroundings. Similar to its earlier model, Ballie showcased its ability to automatically control connected lights, gadgets, and even non-connected appliances with its infrared transmitter.

While the idea of a robotic sphere with a projector may seem futuristic, it’s worth noting that LG showcased a similar product called the Rolling Bot in 2016, which never made it to market. Samsung’s Ballie, which has evolved from an early concept to a plausible prototype, is expected to be available for purchase in 2024, although specific details and pricing are yet to be disclosed.

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