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Original Apple Watch models discontinued

Mike Segar / reuters

Apple’s first generation Watch, including the Hermes and $17,000 18-karat gold Watch Edition models, are now officially obsolete. This means that Apple will no longer provide hardware service or parts for these watches. This is a significant development, as it is the first time that Apple has discontinued support for an entire line of Watch models.

The news has sparked renewed discussion about planned obsolescence, which is the practice of designing products to have a limited lifespan. Planned obsolescence can take many forms, such as using low-quality materials that will quickly fail, or designing products in such a way that they cannot be easily repaired or upgraded.

There are a number of reasons why companies might engage in planned obsolescence. One reason is to increase sales. When consumers know that their products will eventually become obsolete, they are more likely to purchase new products on a regular basis. Another reason for planned obsolescence is to protect profits. If companies were required to support their products for an extended period of time, it would increase their costs and reduce their profits.

However, there are also a number of downsides to planned obsolescence. For consumers, it can lead to higher costs and more waste. For the environment, it can lead to increased pollution and resource depletion.

Apple has argued that it does not engage in planned obsolescence. The company says that it designs its products to last as long as possible, and that it provides extensive support for its products. However, some critics argue that Apple’s support for its products is not good enough, and that the company could do more to make its products repairable and upgradeable.

The obsolescence of the first generation Apple Watch is a reminder that all products will eventually become obsolete. However, it also raises questions about the role of manufacturers in ensuring that their products last as long as possible.

Additional thoughts:

  • The obsolescence of the first generation Apple Watch is also a reminder of the rapid pace of technological innovation. In just a few short years, the original Apple Watch has been superseded by a number of newer models with more advanced features.
  • It is important to note that planned obsolescence is not always a bad thing. In some cases, it can be necessary to discontinue support for older products in order to focus on developing new products with better features and performance. However, it is important for companies to be transparent about their planned obsolescence practices, and to give consumers adequate notice before discontinuing support for products.
  • Consumers can also play a role in reducing the impact of planned obsolescence by making informed purchasing decisions and by choosing to repair their products whenever possible.

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