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Google Search introduces AI-driven grammar correction feature

Google’s Search platform now offers an integrated grammar-checking tool, taking a page from the Grammarly handbook. By entering keywords like “grammar check” or “check grammar”, users can activate the feature. Should Google detect a mistake, be it grammatical or spelling-related, it will suggest a corrected version of the inputted sentence. A green checkmark will confirm if your grammar is up to par, though, unfortunately, no gold stars are awarded for flawless syntax.

At its core, this function is driven by AI. However, its accuracy may wane when presented with fragmented sentences or phrases. Users can submit feedback if they find any inaccuracies or wish to commend a useful suggestion. Initially, the tool will support English exclusively. It’s worth noting that Search policies can block the grammar tool for sentences that are inappropriate, harmful, explicit, or any content relating to violence.

While Gmail and Google Drive have long possessed grammar tools, integrating one directly into Search is a strategic move. Not only does this save users the hassle of toggling between apps, but it also means they don’t need to reference traditional grammar guides. That said, considering many Google Search users typically use keyword-based queries rather than full sentences, the AI may face challenges discerning between genuine grammar check requests and mere information searches. This could risk pushing relevant search results further down the page.

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